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Joy Roy
Aug 02, 2022
In Welcome to the Arts Forum
Niuhouzi, Dahu, Tsutasong, Siraya, and even the Han culture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties 300 years ago spanned ten archaeological and cultural periods. Cartography: Humanities Island Race against time, eat a bento and continue digging at night On one side of the dusty excavation site, there was a loud bang from the strange hands who built the factory, and on the other side, the archaeological team carefully excavated with shovel after shovel. Zang Zhenhua said: "Nanke is a well-known large factory in China. When the site is excavated, it has to stop work. They have a very tight schedule for setting up factories and production, but archaeology is slow work and meticulous work." The tight time also led to the relationship between the archaeological team and the manufacturer. Once nervous, Zang Zhenhua said whatsapp list with a smile, "Because our presence must have delayed their progress." At that time, the construction of the factory building and the rescue of the ruins were in full swing. The sharp-eyed archaeological team accidentally found pottery fragments in a mound at a construction site. Economic interests and cultural assets which is more important? Coordinated by the Tainan County Cultural Bureau, the archaeological team had to complete the rescue of the site within three months. However, the site was buried very deep, reaching a depth of seven meters. Photo Credit: Courtesy Zang Zhenhua In order to complete the impossible task, the archaeological team also pioneered the pioneering "night archaeology". "After the day's work is completed, everyone eats a lunch, and then starts work until ten o'clock in the evening, lighting up the lights and fighting at night. This is probably the only one in the world." Fifteen years of field episodes, Zang Zhenhua can vividly remember, and he has a firm belief in his heart, "No matter what, we cannot give in, because it is too important.
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Joy Roy

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