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jobaeid Hasan
Jul 31, 2022
In Welcome to the Arts Forum
Mother-in-law R: Hey~ Jin Convenience originally thought it would take a long time, but I didn't expect it to be good. The recycling is really Jin Convenience. No wonder the recovery rate is 99.7%, which means that Dr.R, after the recycling of waste motor vehicles, it will be How to recycle? Screenshot_2020-01-08_am 11_43_17 (2) Photo Credit: Critical Review Network Dr.R: Of course, the structure of the waste steam locomotive is complicated. In order to avoid secondary pollution, the gasoline and oil in the car body must be transported to the dismantling plant for disposal, and the waste lead-acid battery (battery) and waste lubrication should be dismantled. Oil, waste tires, engines, coal contacts and other valuable parts, these parts are then sent to their respective professional processing plants Special Database to be made into secondary materials, and the remaining car shells can be sent to the crushing and sorting plant for crushing and screening. , wind separation, magnetic separation to separate copper, iron, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and impurities, all kinds of ferrous metals are smelted to obtain higher quality iron ingots and aluminum ingots, which can be returned to the industrial cycle! Mother-in-law R: Taiwan's resource recovery technology is really good, and even waste motor vehicles are treasures all over the body. Screenshot_2020-01-08_am 11_35_42 (2) Photo Credit: Critical Review Network Screenshot_2020-01-08_am 11_35_56 (2) Photo Credit: Critical Review Network Dr.R: Yes, if you see a car that has been parked for a long time on the side of the road and is suspected to be an abandoned car, you can call the resource recycling free service line 0800-085717. After a call, someone will be assigned to evaluate the car body recycling.
Internet to register and recycle. Well~ this way~ this way~ send it out! Hey! content media
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jobaeid Hasan

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