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Artist Statement

Deborah’s art practice is concerned with the interaction between life and the environment. It is inspired by the innate need within all living things to feel safe, protected and to have a space where they can thrive. Specifically, she is interested in the features and characteristics of nature that deepen our connection with the natural world, resulting in improved wellbeing and a sense of stewardship towards the environment.

A multidisciplinary artist, Deborah uses sustainable materials and psychological research to create physical and digital immersive environments that create subtle shifts in thinking.

Her process includes sculpting organically shaped vessels inspired by objects in nature, such as nests, seed pods and planets. Using a variety of cameras Deborah photographs the inside of the sculptures to create VR video projections, abstract digital images and prints. Additionally, emerging technology is used to capture immersive experiences of the natural world which are then processed using new age digital media techniques. Digital images and video are subsequently projected onto the surface of sculptures or used to create augmented reality experiences that are both meditative and contemplative. This is in the hope that participants will both consider and show compassion to their immediate environment. 

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